Valerio for M4 by _Fenrissa

Valerio for M4 by _Fenrissa
Daz/poser | 3D models | 84 MB

Welcome Valerio, a handsome and sexy dude for your Poser Runtime. He’s tanned and has his own range of underwear as well as his own denim shorts.

He has his own hair on texture but comes also with non-hair options. If you use the goatee or moustache included you will get a whole new character as you can see on the promotional renders.

All in all he is a whole lot of fun to toy or work with. Textures are as always high resolution, no merchant resourse was used as I build his textures from scratch.

Please have a look at the Read-Me!!

What”s included:

1 Natural head texture (hair and non-hair-option)
1 Bump map for the head
1 Specular map for the head
2 additional bearded head textures (moustache/goatee) plus bump and specular maps (hair and non-hair-option)
1 Body Texture (Torso/Limbs)
1 Bump map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
1 Specular map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
3 Eye colors + 1 Bump Map
1 Reflection Map
6 Second skin (Torso) + Bump, Specular and Displacement maps (Underwear, Jeans, Shorts)
1 Teeth/Gum map + Bump Map
1 Lashtrans

1 Head INJ and REM for M4
1 EyeFix for M4

Detail link:

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