SY Gauges M4 by SickleYield

SY Gauges M4 by SickleYield
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 7 MB

When you’re creating punks, ruffians, or others with aggressive jewelry accessories, just the right jewelry item can make a huge difference.

The Sickle Gauges are a realistic set of smartprop jewelry for Michael 4. Unique to this set, they come with scripted material presets for M4 himself, so that you can have holes in the ears for the tube gauges no matter what body textures you use.

There are also injectable morphs for M4 to stretch his ears out to the right size and shape for the different gauges, creating the most realistic possible fit.

The set comes with shaders and textures in metal, plastic, and bone and ivory, offered as .mc6 files for Poser 7+. Additional materials are offered to ensure functionality of the scripted presets in Poser Pro 2012.

The gauges will work in DS3+, but adjustment of the mats will be necessary.

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