Sezaen for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Sezaen for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 305 MB

The Sezaen Character is part of a themed group release, consisting of this character, outfit and character add on!

Iray Materials Only

Anatomical Elements included

What’s Included and Features
Sezaen for Genesis 8 Female
Sezaen !Apply
Sezaen !Remove
Sezaen Body Apply
Sezaen Body Remove
Sezaen Head Apply
Sezaen Head Remove
Sezaen Nails Apply
Sezaen Nails Remove
Sezaen Navel Apply
Sezaen Navel Remove
Sezaen Nipple Apply
Sezaen Nipple Remove
Sezaen Brows
Sezaen Lashes
Transmapped Eyelashes
Sezaen !Lash Hide
Sezaen !Lash Unhide
Sezaen Lash 1 Base
Sezaen Lash 1 Blonde
Sezaen Lash 1 Green
Sezaen Lash 1 Pink
Sezaen Lash 1 Purple
Sezaen Lash 1 Red
Sezaen Lash 1 White
Sezaen Lash 2 Base
Sezaen Lash 2 Blonde
Sezaen Lash 2 Green
Sezaen Lash 2 Pink
Sezaen Lash 2 Purple
Sezaen Lash 2 Red
Sezaen Lash 2 White
Eye Presets
Sezaen Eyes 1
Sezaen Eyes 2
Sezaen Eyes 3
Sezaen Eyes 4
Sezaen Eyes 5
Sezaen Eyes 6
Sezaen Eyes 7
Sezaen Eyes 8
Fibermesh Hair (Brows and Eyelashes)
Sezaen !Brows Base
Sezaen !Lashes Base
Sezaen Brows Blonde
Sezaen Brows Green
Sezaen Brows Pink
Sezaen Brows Purple
Sezaen Brows Red
Sezaen Brows White
Sezaen Lashes Blonde
Sezaen Lashes Green
Sezaen Lashes Pink
Sezaen Lashes Purple
Sezaen Lashes Red
Sezaen Lashes White
Sezaen Lashes !Glitter Accent Remove
Sezaen Lashes Blue Glitter Accent
Sezaen Lashes Gold Glitter Accent
Sezaen Lashes Lavender Glitter Accent
Sezaen Lashes Pink Glitter Accent
Sezaen Lashes Red Glitter Accent
Sezaen Lashes Silver Glitter Accent
Make Up (LIE and Diffuse Overlays)
!Reset Diffuse Overlay Eyeliner
Sezaen Diffuse Overlay Liner 1 Black
Sezaen Diffuse Overlay Liner 1 White
Sezaen Diffuse Overlay Liner 2 Black
Sezaen Diffuse Overlay Liner 2 Red
Sezaen !Metallic Overlay Face Remove
Sezaen !Metallic Overlay Lip Remove
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 1 Blue
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 1 Gold
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 1 Lavender
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 1 Pink
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 1 Silver
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 2 Blue
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 2 Gold
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 2 Lavender
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 2 Pink
Sezaen Metallic Overlay 2 Silver
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Eyes Blue
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Eyes Gold
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Eyes Lavender
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Eyes Pink
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Eyes Silver
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Lips Blue
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Lips Gold
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Lips Lavender
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Lips Pink
Sezaen Metallic Overlay Lips Silver
Sezaen LIE Body-Face Base Layer
Sezaen LIE Body-Face Lips
Sezaen LIE Body-Face Stripes
Sezaen LIE Body-Face Symbol 1
Sezaen LIE Body-Face Symbol 2
Sezaen LIE Body-Face Symbol 3
Sezaen LIE Body-Face Symbol 4
Sezaen LIE Blush 1
Sezaen LIE Blush 2
Sezaen LIE Contour and Highlight
Sezaen LIE Liner 1
Sezaen LIE Liner 2
Sezaen LIE Lip 1
Sezaen LIE Lip 2
Sezaen LIE Lip 3
Sezaen LIE Lip 4
Sezaen LIE Lip 5
Sezaen LIE Shadow 1
Sezaen LIE Shadow 2
Sezaen LIE Shadow 3
Sezaen LIE Shadow 4
Sezaen LIE Shadow 5
Sezaen LIE Shadow 6
Sezaen LIE Shadow 7
Sezaen LIE Shadow 8
Sezaen !Base All Nails
Sezaen !Base FN
Sezaen !Base TN
Sezaen FN 1
Sezaen FN 2
Sezaen FN 3
Sezaen FN 4
Sezaen FN 5
Sezaen FN 6
Sezaen TN 1
Sezaen TN 2
Sezaen TN 3
Sezaen TN 4
Sezaen TN 5
Base Textures
Sezaen !Base with Fibermesh Hairs
Sezaen !Base with Texture Hairs
Sezaen Brows 1
Sezaen Brows 2
Sezaen Brows 3
Sezaen Brows None
Sezaen Gens
Skin Settings
Sezaen Body Gloss Base
Sezaen Body Gloss High
Sezaen Body Gloss Medium
Sezaen Gens Gloss Base
Sezaen Gens Gloss High
Sezaen Gens Gloss Medium
Sezaen Lip Gloss Base
Sezaen Lip Gloss High
Sezaen Lip Gloss Medium
Sezaen Lip Gloss Very High
Sezaen Body SSS Alt 1
Sezaen Body SSS Alt 2
Sezaen Body SSS Base
Sezaen Gens SSS Alt 1
Sezaen Gens SSS Alt 2
Sezaen Gens SSS Base
Sezaen Body Translucency Base
Sezaen Body Translucency High
Sezaen Body Translucency Low
Sezaen Gens Translucency Base
Sezaen Gens Translucency High
Sezaen Gens Translucency Low
Sezaen !Base Arms
Sezaen !Base Legs
Sezaen !Base Torso
Sezaen Tattoo Arm
Sezaen Tattoo Back
Sezaen Tattoo Chest
Sezaen Tattoo Hip
Sezaen Tattoo Leg
Sezaen Tattoo Torso Mix 1
Sezaen Tattoo Torso Mix 2
Textures Include
143 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Roughness, Specular, and Transparency Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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