SAVRD Semiramis

SAVRD Semiramis

Fantasy, Quality character for Victoria 4.2

!!!Please Note:
Semiramis head morphs are custom made,for V4.2 Base,
However you will need V4 Elite & Morphs++ for her body morphs
!!Daz Studio users:
You can use Semiramis in Daz Studio,but you will need
to Adjust the eye surface material, and maybe the Bump and DSP mats.

Package includes:

1 Skin Full mat, (Pz2.mc6)
1 Skin Full mat thinner brows, (Pz2.mc6)

1 Head Custom Morphs (INJ-Rem)
-Addon optional Custom Morphs, Thinner Lips, Eye shape 2, Teeth. (INJ-Rem)
-Addon Morphs, Smaller Iris,& realistic head size to much with her body morph (INJ-Rem) – (V4 Elite & Morphs++ needed).
1 Body Morph (INJ-Rem) – (V4 Elite & Morphs++ needed).
12 Make up Options for Both Default and thin brows(Pz2.mc6)
12 Lipstic Options(Pz2.mc6)
1 Mascara Lashes(Pz2.mc6)
1 Natural Lashes(Pz2.mc6)
10 Natural Eyes tone options(Pz2.mc6)
12 Nail colors(Pz2.mc6)
2 Addon Materials,Hand Henna(Pz2.mc6)
1 Addon Material,Feet Henna(Pz2.mc6)

6 Natural expressions (V4.2 Base morphs needed).

Advanced Poser 9/Pro +, SSS Materials for for SSS & IDL rendering,
For all the above presets in (Pz2.mc6) format.

Detail link:





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