Santo International for M4

Santo International for M4
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 452 MB

Youthful Italian? Creature or the Night? You decide!

Santo International for M4 is a young, college age, Italian male with looks that vary from innocent to hunky and has many morph and texture options to change his looks and is limited only by your imagination.
Santo International features seven individual head morphs, sculpted in Zbrush, that can be mixed together to create unique males.
Additionally, five custom body shapes are included that can be mixed together as well. Each morph has been sculpted to show detail around the eyes, cheeks and mouth, thinner legs, different glute shapes and a smoother, more natural shape. Additional morphs have been provided for thinner fingers, smaller or wider feet, toe shapes and heel morphs. All these morphs combine to make a fine addition to your runtime.
Santo’s body shapes takes advantage of some of DS4’s new features. Clothing can easily be fitted to the new shapes using DS4’s “Transfer Morphs” or “Smoothing/Collision” functionality. You can quickly get morphs from Santo into your favorite outfits without needing requesting morph fits from your favorite vendors. Dynamic clothing also looks great on the new body morphs.
A vampire teeth morph rounds out the morphs to turn Santo into a creature of the night.
Using DAZ’s ExP technology, Santo International also includes a size scale morph which allows you to quickly make him into a shorter male without having to vertically position him into place. Santo should now scale to approximately David 3’s size, giving a little homage to him. And the scaling works in Poser 7 through 2012 too! Now M4 doesn’t have to look at Stephanie with envy!
Santo include textures based from reference material provided by Profotograf during a photo shoot of an Italian man, and includes a head hair and bald hair options. The textures are high resolution and feature non-mirrored areas, such as in the hand and feet.
Many body and facial hair options are also included. Eye options also include two Vampire eyes with no reflection and reflection textures. Also two bloody teeth options are included.
Santo provides a set of Poser materials. Also, three sets of DS materials are provided: Base materials and HSS shaders for human and vampire renders.

What’s Included and Features
Santo International for Michael 4:
Santo International INJ/REM
5 Body Shape INJ/REM
7 Custom Head Morphs:
1 Vampire Teeth Morph
1 Remove All Head Morphs
Mat Options (Default, EHSS and Vampire EHSS):
Default Skin Bald
Default Skin Bald with Tattoo
Default Skin with Hair
Default Skin with Hair with Tattoo
Face Makeup and Facial Hair Default
Torso and Limbs Body Hair Default
4 Torso Hair Options
4 Torso Hair + Tattoo Options
1 Torso Arms Legs Hair
1 Torso Arms Legs Hair + Tattoo Option
Facial Hair Options:
Beard Bald
Mustache Bald
Stubble Bald
3 Makeup Options for Each Facial Hair Option
3 Emo Face Makeup Bald Options
3 Emo Face Makeup Hair Options
3 Teeth Options:
Mild Blood
Eye Options:
Eyes Artificial Reflect Default
Eyes NO Reflect Default
Eyes Reflect Default
6 Artificial Eye Reflections
Eye Colors with and without Painted Reflections:
Vampire BloodShot
194 Santo Texture, Bump, Specular, SSS, Displacement, Reflection and Transparency Maps (300 x 200 up to 4000 x 4000)
P5+ Material Poses (.PZ2)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
Material Poses to Apply All Presets
Please Note: This Product makes use of the ExP Technology so will need to have the Initializer run after install to work properly. The Initializer will show up as an option during install, please make sure you select to run it!

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