Sabby-Irina for V4 and Genesis 2 by Sabby

Sabby-Irina for V4 and Genesis 2 by Sabby
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 53 MB

Irina can be fierce and fiery or regal and strong. With her beautiful freckled skin and soft features she’ll make a great lady for any of your rendering needs.

Irina is made for both V4 and G2 and all of her files are packaged separately so you only download the ones that you need.

What’s Included:

V4 Zips:
Irina V4 Head INJ & REM
Irina V4 Body INJ & REM
Genesis 2 Zips:
Irina G2 Head INJ & REM
Irina G2 Body INJ & REM

Same for both:
4 Makeups (soft & bold liners)
4 Lip Colours (matte and gloss)
4 Natural Eye Colours

Also included are Poser Companion Files (DSON)

Irina’s mats require the “Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female” package from DAZ.

Promos are rendered in Poser Pro 2014 unless otherwise noted.

D|S renders using Enlighten 2 by Sabby which requires: Age of Armor’s Advanced DAZ Studio Light Bundle . The Poser renders are using Soft-Shadows lights by Sabby.

Detail link:

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