Sabby-Bethany for Genesis 8 by Sabby

Sabby-Bethany for Genesis 8 by Sabby

Sabby-Bethany for Genesis 8 by Sabby
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 126 MB

Bethany Tween & Teen for Genesis 8 Female

Bethany is a gorgeous teen for all of your rendering needs.

Her delicate & femine morph was created in zbrush.

Bethany’s skin was created using a combination of photos,
hand painting, and resources.

Bethany’s morph can also be dialed in partially or combined with each other (or other characters)
giving you many different ages for her!

Morph Options:

• Bethany Tween Apply & Rem
• Bethany Teen Apply & Rem

Bethany Skin Options:

• Full Body Texture with bump, spec, normals
• 10 Eye Colours (You can lighten the color of her eyes with included preset)
• 3 Lash Styles
• 1 Blush LIE
• 5 Lip Colours
• 5 Eye Shadow (these are LIE and can be applied to most fair skinned characters)
• 2 Eyeliners (LIE and can be applied to all characters)
• Freckles LIE and Blush LIE

She also includes 3 Specular Settings, 3 Skintones, and Normals ON & OFF.

With the LIE presets you can make an endless number of combinations for makeups, lips, and eyes!

Detail Link:

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