RareStone’s Face Morph Collection for The Girl 8

RareStone’s Face Morph Collection for The Girl 8
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 28 MB

An exclusive face dialed morphs solution to the Girl 8. With high flexibility, you might easily create your own cartoon characters.

The product contains over 300 dialed morphs. It is easy to have a unique Girl 8 face by simply follow the 7 steps, or then make more detailed adjustments. It has included a Toon Brows (with material presets and shapes) and 17 “familiar faces” (Full Head presets) from your memory (also used in promos).

I hope you enjoy this set. ;-P

PS:most of the characters shown in the promos were using original figure materials.

What’s Included and Features
RareStone’s Face Morph Collection for The Girl 8 (.DUF)
Toon Brows
RS Girl 8 Brow Heights
RS Girl 8 Brow Upper Arc
RS Girl 8 Brows Angle Back – Front
RS Girl 8 Brows Angle Down – Up
RS Girl 8 Brows Back -Front
RS Girl 8 Brows Inner Depth
RS Girl 8 Brows Inner Distance
RS Girl 8 Brows Inner Lower Arc
RS Girl 8 Brows Inner Pointy
RS Girl 8 Brows Inner Rounded
RS Girl 8 Brows Inner Scale
RS Girl 8 Brows Inner Slope
RS Girl 8 Brows Outer Depth
RS Girl 8 Brows Outer Length
RS Girl 8 Brows Outer Pointy
RS Girl 8 Brows Outer Slope
RS Girl 8 Brows Outer Upper Arc
RS Girl 8 Brows Raise Inner
RS Girl 8 Brows Raise Middle
RS Girl 8 Brows Raise Outer
RS Girl 8 Brows Rotate
RS Girl 8 Brows Side – Side
RS Girl 8 Brows Straight
RS Girl 8 Brows Thickness Vertical
RS Girl 8 Brows Thin – Thick
RS Girl 8 Brows Up – Down
RS Girl 8 Brows Wavy
RS Girl 8 Head Upper Depth
15 Eyebrow Colors
Dialed Morphs
Cheeks and Jaws
Cheeks Angular
Cheeks Bony
Cheeks Bumps
Cheeks Curves
Cheeks Heights
Cheeks Sink
Cheeks Young
Chin Depth
Chin Heights
Chin Pointed
Chin Rounded
Chin Square
Chin Valley Bumps
Chin Valley Depth
3 Chin Valley Shapes
Chin Width (Alt)
Chin and Jaw Sharpen
Double Chin
Jaw Angles
Jaw Corners Angular
Jaw Curves
Jaw Define
Jaw Front Curves
Jaw Front Width
Jaw Heights (Alt)
Jaw Under Curves
Jaw Width
12 Face Overall Shape Presets
Eye Curves
Eye Curves Lower
Eye Curves Upper
Eye Depth
Eye Distance
Eye Heights (Alt)
Eye Inner Heights
Eye Outer Corner Rounded
Eye Outer Heights
Eye Rotate
Eye Rotate (Alt)
Eye Sag Stronger
Eye Sags Gone
20 Eye Shapes Presets
Eye Size
Eye Width
Eye Width Vertical
Eyelashes Outer Connected
Eyelids Gone
Lacrimals Smooth
Lower Eyelids Outer Curve A
Lower Eyelids Outer Curve B
Lower Eyelids Slope
Lower Eyelids Tiny Sags
Upper Eyelids Down
Upper Eyelids Inner Curves
Upper Eyelids Outer Curve
Upper Eyelids Rotate
4 Upper Eyelids Shapes
Lips Angles
Lips Lower Crease
Lips Lower Curves
Lips Lower Depth
Lips Lower Edge Slope
Lips Lower Fuller
Lips Lower Mid Depth
Lips Lower Mid Flatten
8 Lips Lower Shapes
Lips Lower Up Center Heights
Lips Lower Width
Lips Thickness Lower
Lips Thickness Upper
Lips Upper Center Heights
Lips Upper CenterTip Heights
Lips Upper Curves
Lips Upper Depth
Lips Upper Edge Slope
Lips Upper Fuller
Lips Upper Mid Depth
Lips Upper Outer Curves
Lips Upper Outer Heights
Lips Upper Peaks Heights
11 Lips Upper Shapes
Lips Upper Soft
Lips Upper Width
Mouth Corners Heights
Mouth Corners Pout
Mouth Depth (Alt)
Mouth Heights (Alt)
Mouth Size
Mouth Width (Alt)
Tooth All Flat
Tooth Gagteeth
Tooth Missing Canine Left
10 Mouth Shape Presets
Nose Bridge Soft
Nose Bridge Upper Gone
Nose Depth
Nose Flesh Creased
5 Nose Flesh Shapes
Nose Flesh Size
Nose Heights (Alt)
Nose Pinocchio
Nose Ridge Width
19 Nose Shape Presets
3 Nose Side Curves
Nose Upper Slope
Nose Width (Alt)
NoseTip Angles
NoseTip Detail
NoseTip Sharp
NoseTip Size
NoseWings Heights
4 NoseWings Shapes
NoseWings Size
NoseWings Smooth and Gone
NoseWings Under Curves
NoseWings Upper Collapse
NoseWings Upper Heights
Nostrils Gone
Nostrils Size
Philtrum Gone
Philtrum Slope
Septum Curves
Septum Width
8 Ears Shapes
Ears Details Gone
Ears Details Weaken
Ears Lower Shape
Ears Rotate Back-Front
Ears Rotate Up-Down
Ears Scale
Face and Head
Face Lower Width
Face Round
Face Shorten
Nose and Cheeks Depth
Proportion – Eyes and Nose –
Proportion – Mouth and Jaw –
Temple Gone
8 Face T-Shapes
Forehead Flatten
Head Lower Depth
Head Upper Depth
Head Upper Heights
Head Upper Width
Head Width Horizontal
17 Full Head Shape Presets
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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