Patiz Hair V4-A4-G4

Patiz Hair V4-A4-G4
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 52 MB

High Quality at affordable prices. ALWAYS!

Patiz Hair is a new Straight and Long hair figure for your Gen4 girls

Included in Package:

1 morphing/conforming Hair Figure .cr2
16 Colours
16 MAT Styles .pz2

Fits for A4 & G4

Poser 6+ only. Not tested or supported in DAZ Studio.

Bring Some Beauty to your Renders!

Morphs Included in the Product:

Adjust Left
Adjust Right
Back Longer
Back Wider
Front Longer
Left Out
Right Out
Front Thinner
Back Thinner
Adjust Back
Adjust Neck
Pull Back Back
Adjust Both Collars
Adjust Left Collar
Adjust Right Collar
Adjust Both Breasts
Adjust Left Breast
Adjust Right Breast
Move L 1
Move L 2
Move R 1
Move R 2
Wind L
Wind R
Wind Back
Wind Front
Twist Back R
Twist Back L
Adjust Face 1
Adjust Face 2
Adjust face L
Adjust Face R
Right Behind
Left Behind
A4 Fit
G4 Fit

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