Lean Touch

Lean Touch
UNITY | 3D | 1.97 MB

Quickly add touch controls to your game using Lean Touch ― no code required! Simply pick the components you want, customize the settings, and enjoy consistent controls across Android, iOS, and Desktop!

– Many Demo Scenes ― Lean Touch includes a wide range of tutorial demo scenes, which take you step-by-step through each feature. These scenes contain detailed description text, which explain what is being shown, which components were used, and which settings were used.

– Easy To Use ― Lean Touch was designed to be as flexible as possible, while still being easy to use. To achieve this, each component is fully modular, follows Unity’s inspector design style, has intuitively named settings, and includes detailed tooltip text. If you’re a programmer then full C# source code is also included, allowing you to create and modify anything you like!

– Long Term Support ― Lean Touch has received regular updates for over 4 years. Thank you to everyone who was downloaded, rated, reviewed, and provided feedback so far! This asset now supports Unity 2017, 2018, 2019, as well as the Scriptable Rendering Pipelines (SRP).

– Touch Simulation ― Lean Touch allows you to simulate and visualize touch inputs inside the Unity editor. This means you can test complex gestures like pinch and twist without deploying to your mobile device, saving you a lot of development time.

– Gesture Handling ― Lean Touch handles all the complicated gesture calculations for you. Adding swipe or pinch controls to your game is as simple as adding one component, and linking up to any action you like.

– Cross Platform ― Lean Touch allows you to set up your controls once, and it will automatically work across iOS, Android, and Desktop platforms. Even if you don’t plan to support mobile, this asset allows you to rapidly develop mouse controls, and making a mobile port would be much easier if you ever change your mind!

– DPI Handling ― Lean Touch automatically calibrates touch control sensitivity based on the current DPI value of your device. This means your controls will work great on iPhone and iPad without manually adjusting settings on a per-device basis.

– Extremely Flexible ― Lean Touch was designed with all types of projects in mind. This means you can customize the settings for use in 2D, 3D, top-down, side-scrolling, UI only, and much more!

– UI Integration ― Lean Touch automatically detects when your fingers are interacting with the UI, and ignores those fingers. This stops fingers passing through your UI, and keeps your game looking professional.

– Object Selection ― Lean Touch includes an easy to use object selection system that allows you to isolate touch controls to selected objects. For example, you can make it so tapping an object selects it, then pinch scales only the selected objects. This system can be customized to work in 2D, 3D, or UI projects, and much more.

– Need More Examples? ― Over the years many users have requested new components and demo scenes, so I released Lean Touch+ which includes them all. If you want GUI specific controls like joysticks then check out Lean GUI!

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