KillZombie Pistols Collection

KillZombie Pistols Collection

KillZombie Pistols Collection
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 107 MB

3 pistols with attachments fully articulated, including 15 pose presets for both Genesis 3 male and female. Enjoy!

What’s Included and Features
KillZombie Pistols Collection: (.DUF)
KZ !9mm Pistol
KZ !Betta Pistol
KZ !MEG Revolver
KZ 9mm Bullet
KZ 9mm Pistol Magazine
KZ 9mm shell
KZ 38mm bullet
KZ 38mm shell
KZ Betta Magazine
Material Presets:
KZ 9mm Pistol
KZ Betta Pistol BlackGrip
KZ Betta Pistol Silver
KZ Betta Pistol WoodGrip
KZ Betta Pistol
KZ Bullet
KZ MEG Revolver
Smart Props:
KZ 9mm Pistol LH
KZ 9mm Pistol RH
KZ Betta Pistol LH
KZ Betta Pistol RH
KZ MEG Revolver LH
KZ MEG Revolver RH
Pose Presets:
KZ !9mm Pistol LH pose
KZ !9mm Pistol RH pose
KZ !Betta Pistol LH pose
KZ !Betta Pistol RH pose
KZ !MEG Revolver LH pose
KZ !MEG Revolver RH pose
KZ 9mm Pistol Reloading01 LH
KZ 9mm Pistol Reloading01 RH
KZ 9mm Pistol Shooting01LH
KZ 9mm Pistol Shooting01RH
KZ 9mm Pistol Shooting02 LH
KZ 9mm Pistol Shooting02 RH
KZ 9mm Pistol Standing01 LH
KZ 9mm Pistol Standing01 RH
KZ 9mm Pistol Standing02 LH
KZ 9mm Pistol Standing02 RH
KZ Betta Pistol Investigating01 LH
KZ Betta Pistol Investigating01 RH
KZ Betta Pistol Reloading01 LH
KZ Betta Pistol Reloading01 RH
KZ Betta Pistol Shooting01
KZ Betta Pistol Shooting01M
KZ Betta Pistol Shooting02
KZ Betta Pistol Shooting02M
KZ Betta Pistol Standing01
KZ Betta Pistol Standing01M
KZ MEG Revolver Reloading01 LH
KZ MEG Revolver Reloading01 RH
KZ MEG Revolver Shooting01 LH
KZ MEG Revolver Shooting01 RH
KZ MEG Revolver Shooting02 LH
KZ MEG Revolver Shooting02 RH
KZ MEG Revolver Standing01 LH
KZ MEG Revolver Standing01 RH
KZ MEG Revolver Standing02 LH
KZ MEG Revolver Standing02 RH
Textures Included:
37 Texture, Normal, Reflective, and Specular Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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