Fit Control Add-On for Genesis 3 & 8 Male

Fit Control Add-On for Genesis 3 & 8 Male
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 34 MB

Give your clothing even more flexibility with the Fit Control Add-On for Genesis 3 and 8 Male. It contains over 120 new morphs per figure to give you even more options. Fit Control morphs can even assist with dForce Simulations.

Please note the original Fit Control products are required in order to use this Add-On.

Morphs from this Add-On may be used as a resource for clothing items. (Resource Agreement can be found in the attached pdf’s which are provided with the original Fit Control Products.)

What’s Included and Features
Fit Control Add-On for Genesis 3 & 8 Male(s):
Scripts Genesis 3 Male: Located under Genesis 3 Male\Clothing\Fit Control UI (.DSE)
Fit Control – 00 Add-On Product Support
Fit Control – 00 Product Support
Fit Control – 01 Add Morphs To Item
Fit Control – 02 Remove Morphs From Item
Fit Control – 03 Delete Unused Morphs On Selected Item
Fit Control – 04 Zero Morphs On Selected Item
Scripts Genesis 8 Male: Located under Genesis 8 Male\Clothing\Fit Control (.DSE)
Fit Control – 00 Add-On Product Support
Add-ons\Briefs Morphs\Assist:
Adjust Back 1
Adjust Back 2
Adjust Front
Offset Front Back
Offset Side 2 Side
Rotate Front Back
Rotate Side 2 Side
Rotate Twist L
Rotate Twist R
Add-ons\Briefs Morphs\Assist\Left Side:
Adjust Back L
Adjust Front L
Adjust Hip L 1
Adjust Hip L 2
Adjust Side L
Add-ons\Briefs Morphs\Assist\Right Side:
Adjust Back R
Adjust Front R
Adjust Hip R 1
Adjust Hip R 2
Adjust Side R
Add-ons\Briefs Morphs\Movement:
Crotch Pull
Crotch Pull Front
Crotch Pull Rear
Crotch Width Lower
Down Front 1
Down Front 2
Down Rear 1
Down Rear 2
Gen Bulge 4
Gen Bulge 5
Add-ons\Briefs Morphs\Movement\Left Side:
Crotch Expose L 2
Crotch Expose L 3
Crotch Expose L 4
Down Left 1
Down Left 2
Pull Left 1
Pull Left 2
Pull Left 3
Side Height L
Side Thickness L
Add-ons\Briefs Morphs\Movement\Right Side:
Crotch Expose R 2
Crotch Expose R 3
Crotch Expose R 4
Down Right 1
Down Right 2
Pull Right 1
Pull Right 2
Pull Right 3
Side Height R
Side Thickness R
Add-ons\Pants Morphs:
Adjust Buttocks
Adjust Crotch
Adjust Knees Front
Adjust Knees Rear
Adjust Thighs Front
Adjust Thighs Rear
Fit Underwear Back
Fit Underwear Back Sides
Fit Underwear Front
Fit Underwear Front Sides
Groin Smoother 1
Groin Smoother 2
Groin Smoother 3
Width Hip
Width Waist
Add-ons\Pants Morphs\Left Side:
Shin Up L
Shin Up L FrontBack
Shin Up L Side2Side
ShinUp L Expand
ShinUp L Expand Ankle
Thigh L Depth
Thigh L Width
Add-ons\Pants Morphs\Right Side:
Shin Up R
Shin Up R FrontBack
Shin Up R Side2Side
ShinUp R Expand
ShinUp R Expand Ankle
Thigh R Depth
Thigh R Width
Add-ons\Top Morphs:
Adjust Bottom Back
Adjust Bottom Front
Adjust Chest
Adjust Ribs
Arm Bend Adjust L
Arm Bend Adjust R
Armpit Adjust L
Armpit Adjust R
Chest Expand
Hip Float All
Hip Float Back 1
Hip Float Back 2
Hip Float Front 1
Hip Float Front 2
Hip Float Left
Hip Float Right
Shoulder Height Adjust
Tuck In Out
Waist Expand
Waist Height Down
Waist Height Down Back
Waist Height Down Front
Waist Height Up
Waist Height Up Back
Waist Height Up Front
Waist Lift Back
Waist Lift Front
Waist Lift Left
Waist Lift Right
Updated and added morphs for Genesis 3 Male Version:
Crotch Expose L
Crotch Expose R
Crotch Loosen 3
Crotch Loosen 4
Crotch Width
Down All 1
Down All 2
Expand Neck Depth
Expand Neck Width
Expand Wrists & Hands
Front Down 4
Gen Height
Loosen Abdomen 1
Loosen Abdomen 2
Loosen Back Lower
Loosen Back Mid 1
Loosen Back Mid 2
Loosen Back Upper
Loosen Front Lower 1
Loosen Front Lower 2
Loosen Front Mid
Loosen Front Upper
Loosen Hip 1
Loosen Hip 2
Navel Smoother
Side Pull L1
Side Pull L2
Side Pull R1
Side Pull R2
Thigh Adjust L
Thigh Adjust R
Updated and added morphs for Genesis 8 Male Version:
Crotch Expose L
Crotch Expose R
Crotch Width
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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