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Importing assets into Unity is easy, but getting assets out of Unity can be tricky. Export2Maya will export your Unity scenes directly to the Maya Ascii file format, generating Maya scene files for you.

Ver 2.2.1 supports the following:
– Rewritten from the ground up
– New Edge Generation Method – 3x faster
– Skinned Mesh Export *
– Blendshape Export – Single & Multi Frame
– Mesh Normals
– Mesh UVs
– Mesh Lightmap UVs (with correct tiling and offset)
– Mesh Vertex Colors
– Per-Object and Per-Face Material Assignment
– Terrain Export *
– Directional Light Export
– Point Light Export
– Spot Light Export
– Area Light Export​
– Display Layer Lightmap Association. Objects that share the same lightmap index will be grouped under different display layers for easy selection in Maya.
– Includes accompanying Maya MEL script for easy scene setup once inside Maya.

Note – Skinned Mesh bind poses cannot be exported currently due to limitations in the way Unity stores bind poses for skinned meshes.
Note – Terrain detail meshes and grass are not currently supported yet. Planned for next version.
Note – Texture Export relies on your shader having standard named shader properties. Supported properties: _MainTex, _SpecGlossMap, _BumpMap, and _EmissionMap.

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