Dragon Wraith Tomb

Dragon Wraith Tomb
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 897 MB

A stunning, highly detailed Tomb Environment, made with the Dragon Wraith in mind. It comes complete with 1 Central Chamber, 7 additional smaller burial chambers, and 1 entrance. To add a little ‘naturalist’ flare, a rock formations prop has been included too.

Full DAZ Studio Iray/3Delight support as standard, with Basic Poser support.

What’s Included and Features
Dragon Wraith Tomb: (.DUF, .CR2, and .OBJ)
Dragon Wraith Tomb Preset
All Doors Open/Close
Core Hidden Plinth(Daz Studio Only)
Chambers 1-7:
Doors Open/Close
Doors Open/Close
Plinth Oval
Plinth Round
Rocky Deposits:
Daz Studio Camera Presets:
05 Core Camera Presets
07 Chamber Camera Presets
Iray Render Settings
Material Options:
Chambers (3DL, Poser)
Core (3DL, Poser)
Core Lights On/Off (Poser)
Entrance(3DL, Poser)
Rock Formations(3DL, Poser)
Core Light Decorative 01 ON Iray
Core Light Decorative 02 ON Iray
Core Light Decorative 03 ON Iray
Core Light Decorative OFF Iray
Core Light Main OFF Iray
Core Light Main ON Iray
Core Lights OFF Iray
Core Lights ON Iray
Core MAT Iray
Entrance MAT Iray
Rock Formations Iray
Additional Chambers 01-07 Light 02 ON Iray
Additional Chambers 01-07 Light ON Iray
Additional Chambers 01-07 Light Off Iray
Additional Chambers 01-07 MAT Iray
Textures Include:
216 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, and Specular Maps (4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)
Poser Custom Material Presets (.MC6)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer
1 Poser Core Installer

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