dForce Void Suit-X Outfit and Weapons for Genesis 8 Female(s)

dForce Void Suit-X Outfit and Weapons for Genesis 8 Female(s)

dForce Void Suit-X Outfit and Weapons for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 364 MB

dForce Void Suit-X is an outfit for the police girl of the future, one who is unstoppable and will fulfill her duty with style. This outfit is designed for themes like Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, fantasy, anime and much more.

What’s Included and Features
dForce Void Suit-X Outfit and Weapons (.DUF)
Void Suit-X !Outfit
Void Suit-X Belt
Expand D-Belt Back Center
Expand D-Belt Back Side L
Expand D-Belt Back Side R
Expand D-Belt Center
Expand D-Belt Fwd L
Expand D-Belt Fwd R
Expand D-Belt Side L
Expand D-Belt Side R
Expand Up-Belt Back Center
Expand Up-Belt Back Side L
Expand Up-Belt Back Side R
Expand Up-Belt Center
Expand Up-Belt Fwd L
Expand Up-Belt Fwd R
Expand Up-Belt Side L
Expand Up-Belt Side R
Suit Form
Void Suit-X Boots
Expand Ankle Back
Expand Ankle Fwd
Expand Ankle IN
Expand Ankle Side
Expand Calf Back L
Expand Calf Back R
Expand Calf IN L
Expand Calf IN R
Expand Calf Side L
Expand Calf Side R
Expand Thigh Bck L
Expand Thigh Bck R
Expand Thigh Fwd L
Expand Thigh Fwd R
Expand Thigh IN L
Expand Thigh IN R
Expand Thigh Side L
Expand Thigh Side R
Suit Form
Void Suit-X Chest
Expand Abdomen
Expand Back Center
Expand Back Left
Expand Back Mid
Expand Back Rigth
Expand Breast Fwd
Expand Breast Left L
Expand Breast Rigth R
Expand Left Strap Bck Side
Expand Left Strap Side
Expand Ribs Left
Expand Ribs Rigth
Expand Rigth Strap Bck Side
Expand Rigth Strap Side
Expand Strap Back
Expand Up Strap Left
Expand Up Strap Rigth
Suit Form
Void Suit-X Gloves
Expand Arms Back
Expand Arms Fwd
Expand Arms IN
Expand Arms Out
Expand Biceps Bck
Expand Biceps Fwd
Expand Biceps IN
Expand Biceps Out
Expand Biceps
Expand Wrist IN
Expand Wrist Out
Suit Form Hide Arms
Suit Form
Void Suit-X Helm
Expand Forehead
Expand Helm Back
Expand Jaws
Expand Nose
Size Ears
Size height Ears
Size Helm Spine
Void Suit-X Robes
Expand Breast L
Expand Breast R
Expand Glutes
Expand Hip Back
Expand Hip Side L
Expand Hip Side R
Expand Shoulder Bck L
Expand Shoulder Bck R
Expand Shoulder Fwd L
Expand Shoulder Fwd R
Expand Shoulder Out L
Expand Shoulder Out R
Expand Thigh L
Expand Thigh R
Helm Form
Open Hood Face
Open Hood Helm
Open Hood
Suit Form
Void Suit-X Suit
!Hide Fit Gloves
!Hide Leg Fit Boots
!Hide Neck FIt Top
Expand Breast
Expand Abdomen
Expand Ankle Back
Expand Ankle Fwd
Expand Ankle IN
Expand Ankle Out
Expand Arm Back
Expand Arm Fwd
Expand Arm IN
Expand Arm Out
Expand Biceps Back
Expand Biceps Fwd
Expand Biceps IN
Expand Calf Back
Expand Calf IN
Expand Calf Out
Expand Elbow
Expand Glutes
Expand Hip Out
Expand Knees
Expand Neck Fwd
Expand Neck Out
Expand Neck
Expand Shin
Expand Shoulder Back
Expand Shoulders Fwd
Expand Shoulders Out
Expand Thigh Back
Expand Thigh Fwd
Expand Thigh IN
Expand Thigh Out
Void Suit-X Tonfa Dual
Void Suit-X Tonfa
Void Suit-X Top
Expand Back Strap Center
Expand Back Strap Mid
Expand Back Strap Siides
Expand Back Strap Tip
Expand Clavicle
Expand Collar Back
Expand Collar Fwd
Expand Collar Sides
Expand Front Straps Center
Expand Front Straps Mid
Expand Front Straps Sides
Expand Front Straps Tip
Expand Neck Back
Expand Neck Head Back
Expand Neck Head Sides
Expand Neck Jaw
Expand Neck Sides
Expand Scapula
Expand Shoulder Back
Expand Shoulder Fwd
Expand Shoulder Out
Expand Shoulder Up
Suit Form
Heel Pose Feet
Heel Pose Feet Reset
Supported Shapes:
Other Shapes may be supported by Auto Follow
Material Options (3Delight and Iray)
Void Suit-X !Tonfa & Dual Base
Void Suit-X !Tonfa & Dual Blue
Void Suit-X !Tonfa & Dual Purple
Void Suit-X !Tonfa & Dual Red
Void Suit-X !Tonfa & Dual White
Void Suit-X !Tonfa & Dual Yellow
Void Suit-X Belt Base
Void Suit-X Belt Blue
Void Suit-X Belt Purple
Void Suit-X Belt Red
Void Suit-X Belt White
Void Suit-X Belt Yellow
Void Suit-X Boots Base
Void Suit-X Boots Blue
Void Suit-X Boots Purple
Void Suit-X Boots Red
Void Suit-X Boots White
Void Suit-X Boots Yellow
Void Suit-X Chest Base
Void Suit-X Chest Blue
Void Suit-X Chest Purple
Void Suit-X Chest Red
Void Suit-X Chest White
Void Suit-X Chest Yellow
Void Suit-X Gloves Base
Void Suit-X Gloves Blue
Void Suit-X Gloves Purple
Void Suit-X Gloves Red
Void Suit-X Gloves White
Void Suit-X Gloves Yellow
Void Suit-X Helm Base
Void Suit-X Helm Blue
Void Suit-X Helm Purple
Void Suit-X Helm Red
Void Suit-X Helm White
Void Suit-X Helm Yellow
Void Suit-X Robes Base
Void Suit-X Robes Blue
Void Suit-X Robes Purple
Void Suit-X Robes Red
Void Suit-X Robes White
Void Suit-X Robes Yellow
Void Suit-X Suit Base
Void Suit-X Suit Blue
Void Suit-X Suit Purple
Void Suit-X Suit Red
Void Suit-X Suit White
Void Suit-X Suit Yellow
Void Suit-X Top Base
Void Suit-X Top Blue
Void Suit-X Top Purple
Void Suit-X Top Red
Void Suit-X Top White
Void Suit-X Top Yellow
Textures Include:
126 Base Color, Emissive, Height, Normal, Metalness, Roughness, Opacity Maps(2048×2048 to 8192×8192)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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