dforce Cocktail Hour Dress G3F G8F

dforce Cocktail Hour Dress G3F G8F
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 60.7 MB

dforce Cocktail Hour Dress G3G8
A “Like Life” sexy, skimpy cocktail dress which can easily be worn at any hour of the day.

dforce is not required to use this product but a selection of the Undress morphs may require it.

• 1 dforce Dress G3F
• 1 dforce Dress G8F

• 10 Mat Presets for the Dress including variations + Easy to See
• IRAY Material Presets only
• 17 One click Undress + RESTORE
• 3 One click To Floor + RESTORE
•8 One click Hang + RESTORE (including 1 for TakeTen Hanger + 1 for Wisteria Hanger)
• Dynamic Restore & All Restore & 1 Click Restore
• 9 Surface Presets + Default + Straps only More in place

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