Daz Big Cat 2

Daz Big Cat 2

The DAZ Big Cat 2 is the latest in DAZ’s line of original animal figures. We’ve long been committed to representing our furry four legged friends accurately, and the DAZ Big Cat 2 is no exception. This fine creature from the family Felidae has been built on the same technology as DAZ’s award winning Genesis figure, and the DAZ Horse 2. The Big Cat 2’s mesh has been intricately sculpted with careful attention to details. The rigging was hand-painted with DAZ’s proprietary Tri-Ax™ weight map system so that no matter the pose your fickle feline will look its best.

The DAZ Big Cat 2 comes with 7 unique breeds from the swift Cheetah, to the mighty Tiger. Each breed has it’s own unique morph and texture to give as much realism as possible. Also included with the DAZ Big Cat 2 are 23 pose presets, 7 character presets, several partial body and head morphs (see the What’s Included and Features Section), and a hair followers specifically tailored for the cat.

Add The DAZ Big Cat 2 to your product library and start rendering exciting safari, hunting, and jungle scenes. If you have a need for adventure, a taste for danger, and an eye for beauty then the DAZ Big Cat 2 is perfect for you.

The DAZ Big Cat 2 works natively in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher as well as Poser 9 or higher with the DSON Importer for Poser.

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