Analog Ambience Atmospheric Synth Collection

Analog Ambience Atmospheric Synth Collection
UNITY | 3D | 510.41 MB

An expanding collection of looping ambient and minimalist compositions performed by voltage architect and composer Voltz Supreme using mostly modern and vintage analog synthesizers.

From lo-fi to modern, this pack is currently being grown into a versatile library of tracks that will cater for a wide range of applications.

54 minutes of music, wav 44.1 kHz 16 bit

01. Long Highway
02. Fields of Your Mind
03. Trees
04. Trees Underwater
05. Black Energy
06. Night Drive
07. Low Fog
08. Cool Breeze in the Sails
09. Head in a Fishtank
09a. Head in a Fishtank (Just Bubbles)
10. Cooling Reactor
11. Kitten in a Cave
12. Sunset
13. Water Caves
14. Waiting for Help

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