Anakku for Genesis 8 Female

Anakku for Genesis 8 Female

Anakku for Genesis 8 Female
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 262 MB

Annaku is an exotic South Seas Island beauty created for Genesis 8 Female. Anakku comes with many morph target and texture options for high versatility. As always painstaking attention to detail was used in the creation of this set to ensure professional quality. lease see the features list for all the included options!

What’s Included and Features
Annaku Full Character Preset
23 Anakku Character Morph Targets:
Anakku Control
Anakku Body
Anakku Head
Anakku Eyes Closed Left
Anakku Eyes Closed Right
Anakku Lashes Down Left (Eyes Closed)
Anakku Lashes Down Right (Eyes Closed)
Anakku Breasts 1
Anakku Breasts 2
Anakku Navel (Applies with G8F Navel Morph)
Anakku Nipples (Applies with G8F Nipples Morph)
Anakku Nose Alt 1
Anakku Nose Alt 2
Anakku Ears 01
Anakku Ears 02
Anakku Ears 03
Anakku Ears 04
Anakku Ears 05
Anakku Iris
Anakku Lashes
Anakku Lids Upper Smooth
Anakku Mouth Corners
Anakku Waist Width
Anakku Morph Presets:
Anakku !Apply
Anakku !Remove
Anakku Breasts 1 Apply
Anakku Breasts 2 Apply
Anakku Breasts Remove
Anakku Ears Apply 01
Anakku Ears Apply 02
Anakku Ears Apply 03
Anakku Ears Apply 04
Anakku Ears Apply 05
Anakku Ears Remove
Anakku Mouth Corners Down
Anakku Mouth Corners Neutral
Anakku Mouth Corners Up
Annaku Nipples Apply
Anakku Nipples Remove
Anakku MAT files (Iray):
Anakku MAT Full
Anakku Skin Tone Base
Anakku Skin tone Dark
Anakku Skin Tone Light
Anakku Skin Tone Tan
11 Eye Colors:
Anakku Eyes 01
Anakku Eyes 02
Anakku Eyes 03
Anakku Eyes 04
Anakku Eyes 05
Anakku Eyes 06
Anakku Eyes 07
Anakku Eyes 08
Anakku Eyes 09
Anakku Eyes 20
Anakku Eyes 11
6 Cornea Maps:
Anakku Cornea 01
Anakku Cornea 02
Anakku Cornea 03
Anakku Cornea 04
Anakku Cornea 05
Anakku Cornea 06
Base Map Plus 9 Lips Options:
Anakku Lips 00
Anakku Lips 01
Anakku Lips 02
Anakku Lips 03
Anakku Lips 04
Anakku Lips 05
Anakku Lips 06
Anakku Lips 07
Anakku Lips 08
Anakku Lips 09
Base Map Plus 23 Makeup Options:
Anakku Makeup 00
Anakku Makeup 01
Anakku Makeup 02
Anakku Makeup 03
Anakku Makeup 04
Anakku Makeup 05
Anakku Makeup 06
Anakku Makeup 07
Anakku Makeup 08
Anakku Makeup 09
Anakku Makeup 10
Anakku Makeup 11
Anakku Makeup 12
Anakku Makeup 13
Anakku Makeup 14
Anakku Makeup 15
Anakku Makeup 16
Anakku Makeup 17
Anakku Makeup 18
Anakku Makeup 19
Anakku Makeup 20
Anakku Makeup 21
Anakku Makeup 22
Anakku Makeup 23
Textures Include:
77 Texture, Bump, Specular, Normal, and Transparency Texture Maps @ 2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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