Daz/Poser | 3d models | 97 MB

Whup-Ass! is your vehicle of choice when the world decides to ruin your day. We’ve all been there, right? It’s just another day in the neighborhood, you’re on your way to the store and…WHAM! Bombs are going off, zombies are walking the streets, people trying to kill you…and all you wanted was a frozen T.V. dinner.
Whup-Ass! is a fully rigged and working figure. The operating parts include: steering wheel, turning/steering front tires, rotating rear tires, independent axle movement (front/rear), gun rotation and pivoting, left and right doors, four operating shocks and front stabilizer bar.

Many of the body parts can be hidden to create a variety of different looks, these are: hood, both doors, debris catcher, guns, windshield and fetish poles.

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