Ultimate Blood ‘n Dirt for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Ultimate Blood ‘n Dirt for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 813 MB

Now for Genesis 3 Female(s)! This time the Boundaries of Realism are pushed to the Top. The ultimate Set for any Dirt and Blood Scenery. Do you want to set up an adventure or a bloody fighting Scene? Have some dirty or bloody Clothes in your Library but all you Characters are clean and proper? With this versatile high quality Set you will get the right Level of Dirt and Blood. 5 physical states of Blood and Dirt are choosable, from dry to wet to liquid. There are also 4 Dirt Intensity Levels. The Makeup Presets are set up to match the Body Surfaces.

This Pack gives you a lot of Variations and Options to get the desired lock and feel you are looking for.

There are also Layered Image Editor Presets included with high resolution .tif files. So you can use the Dirt and Blood Layers on your own body textures.

Limitations: LIE Presets works only perfect with Base Female UV’s! V7 has just a little bit of Seams on the backside of the right shoulder. All other Body parts have no seams.

What’s Included and Features
Ultimate Dirt ‘n Blood for Genesis 3 Female:

Material Presets Blood Textures:
Blood Full Body:

Dry Cracked Low
Dry Cracked High
Blood Bath

Dry (6 Makeups/1 Variation)
Dry Cracked (6 Makeups/1 Variation)
Wet (6 Makeups/1 Variation)
Blood Bath (6 Makeups/1 Variation)
Ultra (6 Makeups/3 Variations)

Material Presets Dirt Textures:
Dirt Full Body:
Dirt High
Dirt Med
Dirt Low
Dirt Very Low
Dirt Dry
Dirt Dry Cracked High
Dirt Dry Cracked Low
Dirt Wet
Dirt Liquid
Dirt Ultra

High (6 Makeups/1 Variation)
Medium (6 Makeups/1 Variation)
Low (6 Makeups/1 Variation)
Very Low (6 Makeups/1 Variation)

MakeUp Settings:
Ultra Settings
Dry Settings
Cracked Settings
Lacrimal Fix (Darker)
SSS Bump Fix Face (for CloseUps)
Skin Settings:
Skin Low
Skin Med
Skin High
Layered Image Editor:
Blood Full Body
Dirt 100%
Dirt 75%
Dirt 50%
Dirt 25%

Crackels Deep
Crackels Low
SSS Fix:
SSS Fix1
SSS Fix2
Basic Wear Materials: (Genesis 2 and 3 Female)
Basic Wear Dirt Wearable (.DUF)
Slip Blood
Top Blood
Slip Dirt High
Slip Dirt Med
Slip Dirt nLow
Slip Dirt Very Low
Top Dirt High
Top Dirt Med
Top Dirt nLow
Top Dirt Very Low
PDF Readme included

Textures Include:
120 Textures, Bump, Top Coat, Specular, SSS and Mask Maps (2500 x 2500 to 4096 x 4096)
This product uses the Base Female UV Maps
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer

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