Tyrese for M5

Tyrese for M5
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 303 MB

A warrior, the friendly neighbor, the man you walk past in the street. Tyrese is the man for your runtime. Sporting a beautifully detailed texture with a wealth of options – he’s anyone’s runtime dream.

He features body morphs and head morphs lovingly sculpted in zbrush. Mix and match all the morphs using the dials in DS4 to create a custom character every time!

What’s Included and Features
Tyrese for Michael 5
7 Custom Head Presets
5 Custom Body Presets
1 Nipple Apply/Remove
Full Default Body Mats with hair and without
10 Face options
3 Body Paint Options (with and without gens)
3 Face Paint options (with and without hair)
1 Mustache Option (with and without hair)
3 Face Paint Options with Mustache (with and without hair)
4 Eye Options (and default eye, with and without reflections)
Textures include
2 Lash Maps (2000×2000)
3 Teeth Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (3000×3000)
10 Eye Texture Maps (3000×3000)
28 Head Texture/Bump/Specular/SSS Maps (4000×4000)
28 Torso Texture/Bump/Specular/SSS Maps (4000×4000)
2 Limbs Texture/Bump/Specular/SSS Maps 94000×4000)
4 Gen Texture/Bump/Specular/SSS Maps (4000×4000)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
All Mat Files Come with Default and EHSS Mats.

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