SV’s Iray Fabrics and Lace Shaders by Sveva

SV’s Iray Fabrics and Lace Shaders by Sveva
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 31 MB

SV’s Iray Fabrics & Lace Shaders for DAZ Studio

– 70 Mixed Shaders for Iray, 36 Seamless Fabric Tiles


– 20 Lace (04 different textures, 05 colors each)
– 20 Fishnet (04 different textures, 05 colors each)
– 20 Mixed Fabrics (velvet, satin, linen, light shine cloth, denim, sequins, knit, quilt, etc.)
– 10 Basic Grey Scale Linens (various basic textures, plaids, stripes etc.)

– Plain Bump Map included, plus other various bump maps & normal maps

– 70 Iray Shaders Total

– 28 Seamless Fabric Tiles
– 04 Seamless Lace Tiles
– 04 Seamless Fishnet Tiles

– 36 Seamless Tiles Total

Beautiful mixed fabrics for just about anything, clothing, props, sheets, etc. Created with attention to details, countless hours of testing, and rendered with SV’s INTENSITY Iray Lights. This is also a Merchant Resource, please see ReadMe.txt for more information. Easily change colors and effects by adjusting the Iray Shader sliders and diffuse colors. Many shaders have been left grey scale/black but can be easily changed to whatever color you wish. Main promo is gold lace, not included, simply use the red lace and change color to a shade of gold, its that simple! Presented as a “starting point” for endless combinations and adjustments for the perfect fabric. Shader set ups are set to match the fabric they are created for.

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