SV’s INTENSITY 2.0 Iray Lighting by Sveva

SV’s INTENSITY 2.0 Iray Lighting by Sveva
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 70 MB


INTENSITY started in 2015, two years later we have INTENSITY 2.0 – more lighting solutions for your renders – this is NOT an update, these are ALL NEW LIGHT SETS, designed in Daz Studio 4.9 latest release, tested on the Victoria 8 skin, and additional content/characters in the pro bundle…these are optimized for Victoria 8/Genesis 8 but can be used ON ANY CHARACTER OR SCENE! These lights were simply tested on those skins to give the best results for the newer figure, but will work on any figure new or older.

Lights can be used for anything, not a specific figure!

– 40 Photometric Iray Lights
– 30 Photometric Colored Rim Iray Lights (Left, Right, Both)
– 70 Lights Total

– 08 HDR Images/Domes

– 02 Dome Utility Options ON/OFF
– 06 Settings for HDR Images (Default, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Ultra High)

– 03 Render Settings (Fast, Medium, Slow)
– 02 Ground Settings (ON/OFF)
– 02 Lighting Blur Settings (ON/OFF)
– 05 Shutter Speed Settings (High, Medium, Low, Very Low, Ultra Low)
– 04 Vignetting Settings, (High, Medium, Low, Off)

…AND a reset button for your render settings so you can start all over!
…mix and match with ALL other light sets from my shop!

The renders seen in the promo images have not been altered, (except the main thumbnail, where free photography actions are used, and the one marked “artistic render”) I have created these lights based off of my very own Iray needs, built and tested one by one, thoroughly, with hours upon hours of adjustments and rendering in my search for the perfect lights, perfect settings, perfect background (dome) images, and once finished we have INTENSITY 2.0 Iray Lights & Settings, bringing you 70 total photometric quality lights for Daz Studio 4.9 latest release…


Inside this package, along with the 40 + 30 photometric lights + rims, you will also find 08 main HDR images, and settings to get you started using the dome on/of switch, different levels of INTENSITY for the HDRs, and my very own RENDER SETTINGS. I have included not one, but three render settings to help you in your IRAY rendering, as well as many other fun utilities for ground shadows, vignetting, lighting blur, shutter speed, etc.

If you have asked me “Sveva, please tell me, what lights are you using to get this results?” ALL MY OWN! And ALL of those lights are available in my store, so you can use them too! In my promo images I am not using anything but only my own lights, many times my own hair shaders for Iray, mostly my own jewelry, my own shaders, and you can own them all too!

Have a request? Send a sitemail! – I will surely see what I can do!
Have a question? Send a sitemail – I answer all within 24 hours or less!
Have an issue? Send a sitemail – I will provide you with the best customer service I possibly can!
Rendered Exclusively in DAZ Studio 4.9 with the Iray Render Engine
INTENSITY Lights by Sveva – NO Postwork (except where noted on the image!)
Heart & Soul Jewelry for G3F by Sveva
Chunky Hoops by Sveva
Fashion Hoops by Sveva
CruX Outfit Pieces by Rhiannon
Faux Corset by Lilflame
Choker by Lilflame
Mesmerize Gloves by Lilflame
Hot Booty Top by Rhiannon
Trendz for Hot Booty by Sveva
Southern Nights by Rhiannon
SV’s Gothic Adornments G3F by Sveva
Specs Appeal at Daz
G8/V8 Pro Bundle
Jepes Sheets
SV’s Iray Satin Shaders II
G3F Character by Mousse
Poses by Zeddicus & Capses

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