SVs Drama Portrait Iray Lights by Sveva

SVs Drama Portrait Iray Lights by Sveva

SVs Drama Portrait Iray Lights by Sveva
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 18 MB

SV’s Drama Portrait Iray Lights

– 20 Photometric Portrait Iray Lights
– 30 Photometric Iray Rim Lights

– 02 HDR Images/Domes
– 02 Dome Utility Options ON/OFF
– 08 Settings for HDR Images (Default, Ultra Low, Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Ultra High)
– 04 Dome Rotation Settings

– 03 Render Settings (Fast, Medium, Slow)
– 02 Ground Settings (ON/OFF)
– 02 Lighting Blur Settings (ON/OFF)
– 05 Shutter Speed Settings (High, Medium, Low, Very Low, Ultra Low)
– 04 Vignetting Settings, (High, Medium, Low, Off)

…AND a reset button for your render settings so you can start all over!
…mix and match with ALL other light sets from my shop!
…features left AND right lighting & rim lighting!
…instructions for adding JUST the rim lights inside the Library!
…EASY and fun to use!

– Thanks and Enjoy!

– Thank you for Poses Dragonfly-3D & Zeddicus
– Thank you for Characters Godin, “Sarah” and “River”
– Thank you for Clothing by Lilflame
– Add ons by Sveva
– ALL Jewelry by Sveva “Glitz Necklace” “Glitz Earrings” “Adorned in Pearls” “Divinity Circlets” and others
– Shades of Earth Iray Gemstone Shaders by Sveva
– No Postwork

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