Daz/Poser | 3D models | 45.86 MB

The Sand Rail is a completely rigged and totally customized vehicle ready to go blazing across your screen. Whether you want to sit and just look at it or have it flying through your landscape the Sand Rail looks great from any camera angle.

This vehicle is completely rigged, so the suspension, springs, shocks and coils all perform as they would in the real world. Each Tyre can be moved independently up and down and tilted in and out, and the front Tires and steering wheel are inter-locked so they turn together. Also, the rear axle moves separately from the Sand Rail body allowing you to tilt it back and forth. The engine has been meticulously modeled so all components are there for a supped-up dune buggy, complete with dual carburetors.

All of the add-on features can be turned on or off, this includes:

50 caliber guns
Front lights
Top Spot Lights
Side Spot Lights
Cargo Netting

The Sand Rail comes with a free set of goggles for V4 and a custom Sand Dune prop!
So sit down and strap in get ready for the ride of your life!

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