Sabby-Adley for Genesis 8 by Sabby

Sabby-Adley for Genesis 8 by Sabby
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 208 MB

Meet our special new soft bodied beauty for your runtime. Adley has beautifully unique and special face, making her perfect for pinups, romantic scenes, and more!

Her skin was created using a combination of photo resources as well as merchant resources to give you a very delicate and beautiful skin to compliment her feminine morph created in zbrush.

What’s included with Adley for Genesis 8:

Adley Full Character Preset
Adley Head 01 & 02 Apply/REM
Adley Body Apply/REM
Adley Nails Apply/REM
Adley Nipples Apply/REM
Adley Navel Apply/REM
Adley HDRI
Adley Character Preset

Character MAT (Iray)

~ Makeup Options:

10 Makeup Options (Subtle)
10 Makeup Options (Bold)
1 Makeup Off Option
2 LIE Eyeliner Options

~ Lip Options:

10 Soft Lip Colours
10 Bright Lip Colours
1 Default Lip

~ Eye Options:

10 Eye Colours

All promos rendered with Daz Studio 4.9 using a variety of lights including, default lighting set up in Daz Studio, PRO-Studio HDR Lighting System by Colm (at Daz3D), many of the iRadiance lighting packages by DimensionTheory (at Daz3D), FWSA LightsFX Neutral Enviroment by Fred Winkler Art & Sabby (at Daz3D)

This character was made for use with Daz Studio IRAY, you may be able to get her to work with 3Delight, however there are no 3Delight Mats included with her.

Clothing Used:
Outoftouch Lingerie @ Daz3D
Erynn Lingerie with FWSA Erynn for Genesis 8 Females @ Daz3D

Hair Used:
Pixie Hair @ Daz3D
Jocelyn Hair @ Daz3D
above hair by AprilYSH

Biscuits Aloe Hair @ Renderosity

Detail link:

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