Road and track scenery

Road and track scenery
Daz/poser | 3D models | 29 MB

This is a complete scene for some great renders. You can use it for every day road vehicles or as a rally stage. The set includes material presets for the 4 different seasons (spring, summer,  autumn and winter/snow ;p) and a wet road condition, like it had just rained. All of the items can be found in the PROPS library. There is a base model which is the ground with the road and the lake. The trees and foliage can be loaded in 4 parts, Soutwest, northwest, northeast and southeast. This is to save unnecesary use of RAM.

Check out the fly trough animation on youtube to see the size of the scenery.

There is a set of sunlight presets included too, in three quality settings.
-Sunlight Simple though nice sunlight with sharp shadows
-Sunlight HQ More realistic sunlight with blurred shadows, longer render times.
-Sunlight XHQ Blurred shadows and ambient occlusion, for realistic shadows
around the edges of geometry. This option uses a lot of RAM memory.

The option to change the textures to the preferred season is in the “materials” library.
To do this you have to select the item/prop you want to change, and then doubleclick
the preferred “season” in the materials tab to apply it.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the model and come up with some great renders.

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