Really Cool Handgun and Poses for Genesis 3 Male

Really Cool Handgun and Poses for Genesis 3 Male
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 38 MB

Introducing a set that includes 130 well crafted handgun poses for the Genesis 3 Male. This includes 25 individual and unique poses with each one coming with a reversed version. Also included are a further 40 partial poses for the arms and another 37 poses for the lower body and legs. This gives so much versatility and the possibility of many, many variations of each pose.

Also included is a bonus handgun, the Predatron 9MM. Totally reworked for Iray and also included extra props such as bullets, scattered rounds and shell casings, as well as fits for both left and right hands.

For use while adding postwork to any final render there is an included Photoshop file of a muzzle flash. This is split into 3 layers for more versatility. See main promo for application.

This has to possibly be the coolest handgun poses set you will ever need.

What’s Included and Features
Really Cool Handgun and Poses for Genesis 3 Male: (.DUF)
25 Individual Poses:
Left Version
Right Version
40 Partial Poses for the Arms
37 Poses for Lower Body and Legs
Predatron 9MM Prop:
Static Version
Left Hand Version
Right Version
Morphs Include:
Top Slide Back
Trigger Back
Move Safety Catch
Hide Magazine
Hammer Cocked
Separate Props:
Magazine Prop
Round Prop
Bullet Prop
Bullets Scattered
Shells Scattered
Muzzle Flash Photoshop Image (.PSD)
Textures Include:
9 Diffuse, Bump, Specular, Metalicity and Normal Maps (2048×2048 up to 4096×4096)
Optimized for Iray
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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