Parquet Floors Shader Presets for DAZ Studio

Parquet Floors Shader Presets for DAZ Studio
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 39 MB

Need a new look for your scene? Tired of the same old floor textures? Want to add a modern, classic or elegant look? This pack includes fifty preset parquet floor shaders for DAZ Studio in classic and pattern designs in various wood textures and shades to suit a variety of scenes. They can be easily applied to a simple plane primitive or flattened cube for an instant floor, or applied to a prop where the floor has its own separate texture.

Also included are two additional presets to quickly and easily add a more polished look to the floor surface, and three presets to adjust the tile size. These presets have been included for ease of use, but the shader settings can also be changed manually.
A PDF file is included giving full instructions on how to apply and get the best out of the shaders, with screenshots for easy reference.

What’s Included and Features
Polish Presets:
High Polish
Medium Polish
Tile Size Presets:
Tiling 10 x 10
Tiling 15 x 15
Tiling 5 x 5
Shader Presets:
8 Classic Designs:
Classic 1 (3 Wood Shades)
Classic 2 (4 Wood Shades)
Classic 3 (4 Wood Shades)
Classic 4 (3 Wood Shades)
Classic 5 (4 Wood Shades)
Classic 6 (3 Wood Shades)
Classic 7 (3 Wood Shades)
Classic 8 (3 Wood Shades)
8 Pattern Designs:
Pattern 1 (3 Design Colours)
Pattern 2 (3 Design Colours)
Pattern 3 (3 Design Colours)
Pattern 4 (3 Design Colours)
Pattern 5 (3 Design Colours)
Pattern 6 (3 Design Colours)
Pattern 7 (3 Design Colours)
Pattern 8 (2 Design Colours)
67 Texture and Bump Maps (1024 x 1024)
DAZ Studio Shader Presets (.DSA)

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