Luz for Genesis 8 Female by RPublishing

Luz for Genesis 8 Female by RPublishing
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 226 MB

Luz is a classic beauty for Genesis 8 Female with custom sculpted head and body.

Product includes

Preload character with Lashes
1 Head morph
1 Body morph
Nail Apply/Remove
Navel Apply/Remove
Nipple Apply/Remove
Lashes Apply/Remove
Fibermesh brows
01 Full Skin preset,
Genital MAT preset
Lashes MAT
Fibermesh Brow MAT
12 Makeup presets + Custom
09 lips preset + Custom
08 Eyes presets,
03 blush LIE preset,
Normalmap On/Off
03 SSS settings
04 No Brow LIE presets

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