Iris for G3F by Anain

Iris for G3F by Anain
Daz/poser | 3D models | 1 MB

“De niña a mujer”, is a song by a famous Spanish singer. We wanted to capture the idea of a character that was seen as a girl and already grown.
Iris Little is the sweetness, the innocence of innocence, Iris despite the passage of years continues to maintain that innocence almost intact … but only almost intact.

Both are beautiful, very beautiful and an awesome acquisition for your runtime !!!

2 Characters Preset
1 Head INJ and REM files
2 Body INJ and REM files
1 INJ and REM Nails Morph
3 Full Skin Shaders
9 Nails Options
9 Eyes Options
9 Makeup Options for each Skin Shaders
1 Mats03 Shader Shine Optional ( Apply Before Iris Mats03 and Makeups Mats03)

REM files for Makeups and Nails

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