HoloFlow for Genesis 8 Female(s)

HoloFlow for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 287 MB

Future everyday fashion or futuristic/cyberpunk contemporary attire, HoloFlow is perfect for both concepts

The mesh unique flow and features and the sci-fi, detailed textures make it a unique clothing set for someone that loves a cutting edge style that can also be comfy and adventurous!

The set includes a unique sleeveless shirt, shorts, handless gloves, over the knee high-heeled boots and over the knee shinwear and a spinal. It looks perfect together, but every and each piece can easily be mixed and matched with other clothing pieces, since they include a lot of morphs to help with that.

The textures avalable in White, Black, Orange/Black and Green/Black with respective damaged versions, offer a wide range of options that can create tens of combinations and are easily to be matched with anything else your character is wearing.

The shirt features 12 bones and 13 material zones for an impressive ability to customize with both textures and hides.
The high boots feature a unique heel that still makes them comfortable for walking, but you should rather use the shinwear version (no shoe part) for some serious parkour!
Included are several HD morphs for Genesis 8 to give the impression of the clothes squeezing her skin for: thighs (boots, shinwear and shorts), arms (gloves), chest (shirt version 2), crotch (shorts hide options) and back (spinal).
The package includes realistic and artistic PBR texture styles in white, black, orange/black and green/black; several “mix” mat poses and “single parts only” mats so you can create your own style.
Also included are sci-fi damaged/dirty version for all colors, for when trouble gets in the way of adventure or supposedly safe space travel.
HoloFlow Genesis 8 is compatible with both the newer (HoloFlow Xps2) and the previously released HoloFlow Xps (now updated with Genesis 8 MATs) add-on pack.

It also includes updated MATs for the Genesis 3 version, so that all the new styles and options can also be applied to the Genesis 3 version for those that own it.

What’s Included and Features
HoloFlow for Genesis 8 Female(s) (.DUF)
HoloFlow complete outfit (All_Load)
HoloFlow clothing pieces (10)
HoloFlow Shirt
Features 12 bones (under Pelvis, see image)
13 Materials zones
Adjustment Morphs
Back Bottom Out
Front Bottom Out
Left Shoulder Up
Left Side Out
Left Top Side Out
Left Thigh In Up
Left Thigh Up
Mid Chest out
Right Shoulder Up
RightSide Out
RightTop Side Out
RightThigh In Up
RightThigh Up
Top Back out
Top Chest out
Movement Morphs
Back Swing 01
Back Swing 02
Back Up
Front Swing 01
FrontSwing 02
FrontSwing 03
Left Swing 01
LeftSwing 02
LeftSwing 03
Right Swing 01
RightSwing 02
Right Swing 03
HoloFlow Shirt Style 01
G8 HD matching morph included
All back out
Back bottom out
Back out
Breasts out
Left side out
Right side out
Shoulder left up
Shoulder right up
Top chest out
Top side left out
Top side right out
HF Shirt Style 01 Squeeze (G8 HD morph)
HoloFlow Shorts
Adjustment Morphs:
Hide Morphs:
Squeeze Morphs
HF Shorts Back Only Sqz
HF Shorts Front Only Sqz
HF Shorts Squeeze
HoloFlow Spinal
All inflated
BackFit (set to 1 if worn without the shirt)
Bottomfront back
Float 01
Float 02
Float 03
Float 04
Float 05
Front Back
HF Spinal (G8 HD matching morph, automatically set)
Left Right
Mid Front Back
Mid Low Front Back
Top Front Back
Up Down
HoloFlow Glove Left and Right
HF Squeeze (G8 HD matching morph, automatically set)
Inflate All
Top Enlarge
Wrist Enlarge
HoloFlow Boot Left and Right
Fit Grunge Style (to be used with the Grunge add-on style)
Front Ankle Inflate
Heel Resize
Top Enlarge
Top Heel Down
HoloFlow ShinWear Left and Right
Fit Grunge Style (to be used with the Grunge add-on style)
Ankle Enlarge
HFSqueeze(G8 HD matching morph, automatically set)
Inflate All
Over Foot 01
Over Foot 02
Over Heel
Top Enlarge
HoloFlow Style
Hide Options
Complete Styles
DMG options
Mix n Boots
Mix n Shirt
Mix n Shorts
Genesis 8 HD Morphs
HF Left Boot Squeeze
HF Left Glove Squeeze
HF Right Boot Squeeze
HF RightGloveSqueeze
HF Shirt Style 01 Squeeze
HF Shorts Back Only Squeeze
HF Shorts Front Only Squeeze
HF Shorts Squeeze
HF Spinal
Texture Styles
White HoloFlow
White HoloFlow Damaged
Black HoloFlow
BlackHoloFlow Damaged
Orange/Black HoloFlow
Orange/Black HoloFlow Damaged
Green/Black HoloFlow
Green/Black HoloFlow Damaged
Mix Styles (2x Boots, 10x Shirt, 2x Shorts)
Shirt Hide Options: 8 hide options + 1 global Un-hide
Textures Include
87 Base Color, Glossiness, Height, Metallic, Normal, Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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