FWSA Melinda for Genesis 3 Female by Sabby

FWSA Melinda for Genesis 3 Female by Sabby
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 140 MB

Meet our special new lean and muscular vixen for your runtime. She’s got a lovely soft body and a very unique face, making her perfect for pinups, romantic scenes, and more!

She also includes 2 morphs for Genesis 3 Female Base, one for Aiko 7, and one for Victoria 7!

Special BONUS: She also includes a morph preset for Genesis 8 Female Base and her skins will also apply to Genesis 8 seamlessly!
What’s included with FWSA Melinda for Genesis 3:

Melinda Full Character Preset

Melinda Head01 Apply/REM
Melinda Head02 Apply/REM
Melinda HeadA7 Apply/REM
Melinda HeadV7 Apply/REM
Melinda Body Apply/REM
Melinda Nails Apply/REM
Melinda Nipples Apply/REM
Melinda Navel Apply/REM

Character MAT

~ Makeup Options:

8 Makeup Options (Subtle)
8 Makeup Options (Bold)
1 Makeup Off Option

~ Lip Options:

8 Lip Colours
1 Default Lip

~ Eye Options:

8 Eye Colours

Promo Credits:
Bikini: Hot Summer 2017 for G3 females @ Renderosity
Jewellery: by Sveva @ Renderosity
Clothing textures: SWIM Couture for Hot Summer 2017
Hair: Scarlett Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s) by Emma and Jordi @ Daz3D

Detail link:


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