Furniture Set One, Dressing Table

Furniture Set One, Dressing Table
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 32.35 MB

This new line of Furniture products, starts off with the Dressing Table with and without Mirror.

~~~ Here is what is included with the set ~~~

1 DRESSING TABLE with morphs for the 5 Drawers

and morphs for the Width and Height of the MIRROR

1 DRESSING TABLE with no MIRROR morphs for the Drawers

1 STOOL with controls for Height, Width, and Length

~~~ Materials ~~~

3 Default .mc6 to put back to original loading materials

35 Drawer Face Materials .mc6

25 Hardware Materials .mc6

55 Single Materials .mc5

5 Marble Top .mc6

7 Stool Leg .mc6

5 Stool Seat .mc6

28 Wood Textures .mc6

7 Paint Shaders .mc6

All renders completed in Poser

All content by Dreamland Models and bagginsbill

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