Daz/Poser | 3d models | 14.21 MB

Light up your virtual skies with Fireworks!

This set includes everything needed to create beautiful fireworks displays: a fireworks figure, a ‘streamers’ figure, and a smoke panel. The fireworks and streamers figures are 3-D figures; the smoke panel is a flat plane. All three have been set up as figures so that MAT pose files (in Poser) will work without the need to parent them to anything.

If you want more complex fireworks, you can use two or more of the Fireworks and/or Streamers figures together, as shown in Popups 1 and 2. There are four ‘styles’ of explosion, with several color options for each, so you can have plenty of variety (see main picture and Popup 3).

Both the Firework and the Streamers have a ‘gravity’ morph to simulate the appearance of a firework after it has exploded and the ‘streamers’ have begun to fall (see Popup 4). You can use scaling and the ‘gravity’ morph to show the various stages of the explosion (see Popup 5).

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