Europa For G8F by bu_es

Europa For G8F by bu_es
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 263 MB

Mythological personage, daughter of the king of Phenicia to which Zeus, captivated by its beauty. As its name Europe is a beautiful but strong character perfect for renders of Glamor and Action. Perfect to be in your runtime.

1Character preset Default
1 Character preset Amazona
1 head morph Inj&Rem
1Morph body Default Inj&Rem
1 Morph body Amazona Inj&Rem
1 Nails Morph Inj&Rem
3 Shaders
3 Options of Scars in Arm left ( in all Shaders)
11 options color of Eyes
3 options of Sclera
11 makeups ( in all Shaders)
10 Options Colors for Nails.

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