Epic Heroine Poses for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Epic Heroine Poses for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Daz/poser | 3D models | 34 MB

Do you have need of assistance? Someone to rescue your characters from certain doom? Someone to swing into action and save the day? Someone to crush the evil doers in your artistic renders? Then you need an Epic Heroine!

Epic Heroine poses for Genesis 3 Females are 20 handcrafted iconic digital poses for your Genesis 3 women. From flying to swinging to just lookin’ awesome, these poses will leap off your monitor and become your go-to action poses for all your heroic ladies.

And because some superhero types come with capes to their costumes, there are 40 included hierarchical pose presets (HPP) for each of the cape lengths in the Superhero Add-on for Super Bodysuit Genesis 3 Female(s) set. Each HPP comes with a realistic looking cloth pose and an epic-ally awesome dramatic cape pose that goes with the base poses for the Genesis 3 Female. Looking fabulously heroic never was so easy.

As always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for gravity, weight, and realism.

What’s Included and Features
Epic Heroine Poses for Genesis 3 Females: (.DUF):
20 standard pose presets each for the Genesis 3 Male :
01 Crouch
02 Ready to Charge Left
03 Ready to Charge Right
04 Aerial Attack
05 Jumping Attack
06 Running Attack
07 Need for Speed
08 Fight Ready
09 Kitty Got Claws
10 Vigilant Watcher
11 Fair Warning
12 Line Swinging 1
13 Line Swinging 2
14 Down But Not Out
15 Taking Aim
16 Power Stance
17 On Her Way
18 Brooding
19 Heroine Stance 1
20 Heroine Stance 2
40 Hierarchical Pose Presets each for Genesis 3 Female and the two cape lengths in the Superhero Add-on set (80 HPPs in total!)
01 A & B Crouch
02 A & B Ready to Charge Left
03 A & B Ready to Charge Right
04 A & B Aerial Attack
05 A & B Jumping Attack
06 A & B Running Attack
07 A & B Need for Speed
08 A & B Fight Ready
09 A & B Kitty Got Claws
10 A & B Vigilant Watcher
11 A & B Fair Warning
12 A & B Line Swinging 1
13 A & B Line Swinging 2
14 A & B Down But Not Out
15 A & B Taking Aim
16 A & B Power Stance
17 A & B On Her Way
18 A & B Brooding
19 A & B Heroine Stance 1
20 A & B Heroine Stance 2
A = realistic cloth cape pose
B = dramatic cloth cape pose
DAZ Studio Pose Presets(.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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