dForce Elemental Sorceress Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

dForce Elemental Sorceress Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 255 MB

Join up to Elemental Sorceress to fight the chaos and the darkness. choose between Water, Fire and Wind to dress your Genesis 8 female character!

The complete outfit include. Suit, dress, light armor, bracelets for each hand, crystal necklace, legs brooches, boots and a magic staff. Also Include morphs shapes to the breast and to the waist.

What’s Included and Features
Elemental Sorceress for Genesis 8 Female(s): (.DUF)
Elemental Sorceress !Outfi
Elemental Sorceress Armor
Elemental Sorceress Boots
Expand L Ankle
Expand R Ankle
Elemental Sorceress Dress
Back Wind
Back Wind 02
Down Wind
Down Wind 02
Expand Base
Front Wind
Front Wind 02
Left Wind
Left Wind 02
Right Wind
Right Wind 02
With Armor Back Wind
With Armor Back Wind 02
With Armor Down Wind
With Armor Down Wind 02
With Armor Front Wind
With Armor Front Wind 02
With Armor Left Wind
With Armor Left Wind 02
With Armor Right Wind
With Armor Right Wind 02
Elemental Sorceress Glove L
Elemental Sorceress Glove R
Elemental Sorceress Suit
Fit Body
Elemental Sorceress Bracelet L
No Gloves
No Gloves Hand Up
With Gloves Hand Up
Elemental Sorceress Bracelet R
Hand Down
No Gloves
No Gloves Hand Up
No Gloves Hand Up 02
With Gloves Hand Up
Elemental Sorceress Leg Brooches
Elemental Sorceress Necklace
Supported Shapes:
Charlotte 8
Monique 8
Olympia 8
Sakura 8
Stephanie 8
Teen Josie 8
Karyssa 8
Victoria 8
Other Shapes Supported through Auto-Follow
Material Options:
Textures Include:
56 Texture, Bump, Opacity, Specular, Metallic and Normal Maps (2000 x 2000 to 3000 x 3000)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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