Cloth Room Master Class Mega Bundle

Cloth Room Master Class Mega Bundle
Daz/Poser | Tutorial | 164 MB

This Mega Bundle comes with all the clothing sets that have been made specially for this tutorial to illustrate the points explained in the various chapters.

Following the tutorial you’ll move from a very simple cloth plane to a highly complex outfit with several pieces.
Try out what you’ve learned in the tutorial, change the settings, experiment!

This Mega Bundle also includes the obj files collected in a separate folder. Instead of just loading the prop preset from the library where all the settings have already been made for you, the obj files allow you to set up the dynamic item from scratch, for a true in-depth learning experience.
You’ll also get a high-res cloth plane with optimized UVmapping. Any square texture will fit perfectly.

Cloth Room Master Class Tutorial
Dynamic Caftan
Dynamic Pantsuit, Coat and Scarf
Dynamic Pointy Dress and Poncho
Dynamic Romantic Dress and Veil
Strapless Dress Set (conforming, hybrid and dynamic versions)
– Dynamic Cloth Plane with optimized precise UVmapping
– Collection of all obj files for easy import

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