Chime by Silver

Chime by Silver
Daz/poser | 3D models | 24 MB

A charming new character for Victoria 4.2. IntoXicate your runtime.

Included in this Package:
Morphs & Mat Poses for V4:

Chime Head INJ/REM
Chime Body INJ/REM
Square Nails INJ/REM
01 Full Default Mat
01 Torso Mat – No Genitals
01 Tattoo Mat
01 Tattoo Mat – No Genitals
06 Eye Mats
01 Eye Reflect Mat
12 Makeup Mats
01 Makeup Off Mat
06 Lip Mats
06 Lip Mats with Gloss
01 Lip Natural Mat
01 Lip Natural Mat with Gloss

Promotional Credits:

Gisele, Lorelay, Fairytale, Flower Princess Hair by Valea
Alkyone and Anemone Hair by 3Dream and mairy
All Hair textures are ToXic by Silver

Christalli and Noctia Earrings by Fabiana
Raine Dragonfly Earrings by Rhiannon
Bridal Dress by Jasmina
Dirty Pretty Shaders by parrotdolphin

Various Poses by Danie & Marforno
Various Poses by ironman 13

Detail link:

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