Beauty and the Brutes (Gameplay Edition)

Beauty and the Brutes (Gameplay Edition)
UNITY | 3D MODELS | 306.34 MB

This animation package contains male and female RPG combat animations for 12 different weaponstates:
1H-one handed
2H-two handed
SS-Sword and Shield
Phalanx(low held spear and shield)
Currently…the playable tech demo is NOT a full game, and it is NOT a toolset


12 characters with test scenes
150 female animations
150 male animations
Playable combat
Aim assist
Target enemy under mouse
Multiple weaponstate controllers
Close third person controller
4 directional movement for bow
New overhand javelin state
New staff caster state
Attack while moving
Attack on spinning platforms
Pain flinch as layer
Mecanim to ground
(Prevents camera jitter)
Dragon with attack(early state)
Jump, fall, swing
Swinging with rope graphic
Link/unlink to moving platforms
Ability drag and drop inspector
Ability drag and drop gui
Damage over time(venom)
Area of effect(blast radius)
Radial player marker
Health bars
Camera angle maker
Zone use camera angle
Underwater caustics
Radar ui(Bootcamp)
MakePlayer top menu script
MakeEnemy top menu script
(Mecanim only for those)

Enemy radar blips
Enemy use nav lost player
Enemy ai backup if too close
Enemy ai avoid each other
Enemy ai avoid dead bodies
Enemy ai knockback

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